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A book of hard sought wisdom by me, Ian Browne

It is nice to be able to place a story about my own book here, and brand new, if you may!

This is a book of knowledge, of travel, exploring the lives of many people who live in exotic places, and not always under positive circumstances. It is also a book of life’s celebrations and a salute to the natural world that roars, bleeps, and squarks along the equator.

This is 16 years-worth of work.

I can’t even begin to explain the hours and money I have spent on this book. Perhaps it saved me from the perils of the Australian sun, typing away like a mad bugger indoors in the earlier days from Darwin, then Brunswicks Heads, and Murwillumbah in recent years.

With this book you will go a little bit deeper than a holiday spent by the pool in Kuta or Phuket, though there too culture is at hand.

SO, travel off the beaten track with me, and meet so many interesting people living fascinating lives, sharing their esteems, their sorrows, their joys.

…here’s da spill

               The Monsoon shakes and shudders within many a varied landscape…

Come and find yourself along the back lanes of the world’s most intense cities. Visit the tribal longhouses of the headhunter tribes of Borneo; be enchanted by the steaming hot jungle ruins of Asia. Ponder the lives of the women of India and Myanmar as ‘change’ stalks the landscape. Meander along the soothing waters of the Mekong in Laos, dodge Yala’s leopards and elephants. Be invited to the curiosity of Bollywood on Langkawi. Travel south of the equator to meet Mari the Lithuanian jungle vegan and other alternative folk of the Byron Bay region of New South Wales. Become tantalized by the colourful multicultural market lifestyle of tropical Darwin, while being feathered by the intimacy of Australia’s beautiful first nations people.

Art, music, food; vulnerable societies clinging to hard-fought cultural sanctity. The laughter - the sadness - the bruises and stomach bugs - lavished with a profound respect for the folk and fauna of such stunning locations, this expedition into exotica will see you arrive home with a sense of belonging to this multifaceted world.

 Ian Browne will challenge your senses, your empathy, whether you are the battle-hardened traveler, or those that desire familiar comforts in a hotel by the sea, discover why this creative story teller’s love of this planet has seen him being invited to Buckingham Palace, and a request to engage in project work within sustainability for the UN.

“What the Monsoon Knows”

Well, come along on the journey & discover this for yourself…




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