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Waking up under trees with FELICITY LAWLESS

Felicity Lawless Waking up under trees, LOVE, and the intention of bringing more peace and joy with every note played…

Well-loved within the Northern Rivers, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast, Felicity Lawless’ passion for music - for life - has allowed her to bring folk together to create and share special moments.

Enjoy the nurturing energy of Felicity Lawless

Felicity Lawless with Ian Browne Shamrock News

I really enjoy the super smooth reggae groove you produce. What is your favourite sound when playing live?

I love the big spaciousness of reggae combined with manic gypsy and Spanish explosions. I could not possibly choose a favourite, but to truly sing with absolute freedom and create presence for myself and everyone else in doing so, is the joy. I love the resonance of voice.

How does ‘world music-n-culture’ shape your sound?

I am obsessed with music from all cultures, particularly Middle Eastern tonality, Spanish flamenco, Gypsy, Latin and Central American rhythms, and somehow it just all mixes into an epic fusion. I learn music from all cultures and then when I write, it just infuses. I have recently had the honour to play with Meninas da Lua, a Brazilian project based in Byron. To learn Brazilian rhythms straight from the source has been such an experience. Also my time spent in Spain obviously deeply affected my style.

You thrive in your home slot at the Miami Marketta. Is there another ‘happy hunting ground’ when playing live?

So many!! Sheoak Shack, Hosanna Farmstay, Beach Hotel and Hotel North Byron and Nightquarter, and Maleny Lane at the Sunshine Coast.

You enjoy collaborating with other local talents. Who are your ‘go to’ people, and describe the energy you gain from this arrangement?

Well for the huge, psychedelic experience my amazing band and I have really had some time together. For years I played duos with genius guitarist and producer Scotty French, and he became a fundamental part of my band which also has Regotron Leayr and multiple ARIA award winner Geoff Green on the drums. These guys are my favourite musicians in the world and I am honoured to have them in my band. I feel fully supported by them and like to call them the band of geniuses.

Lately I have 2 power duos, the first with Black Rabbit George (Paul George of Tijuana Cartel), which nourishes the intricate guitar, classical and flamenco brilliance. We play sit-down concerts, theatre style and it truly challenges my playing skills. It is joyous to collaborate with another prolific songwriter and exceptional player.

The second is with my partner and clarinet virtuoso MsEleneous. The clarinet and sax bring out a completely different feeling in my music and her voice is like coffee. The audience really vibes off the love and beautiful blending of our voices together.

Your love of nature is always on show. You appreciate a snap while cradled by giant rainforest figs. Does your song ‘Maple Tree’ - from the album Karasu - reflect this?

Yes… ah Maple Tree. To wake up under a tree is the most delightful thing. To be honest, the meaning of songs change as I change. Maple Tree could be described as the warm embrace of nature everyday, the endless support of the trees and our ongoing mutual exchange of energy. I feel no separation between myself and nature and would prefer to roll around in dirt than clean sheets any day ;)

You recently completed a tour. Tell us a bit about this. What were the highlights?

My recent tour was with MsEleneous, duo partner and clarinet maestro. We had an amazing tour to Perisher Peak festival, Sydney and Canberra. An awesome highlight was playing in between Bullhorn and Electric Lemonade on the opening night. Great vibes and epic music!! Also travelling in the country around Perisher and Canberra is just such a magik landscape.. I adored the drive. Earlier in the year I went to Tasmania with Black Rabbit George and we had amazing shows in Hobart.

In terms of song writing, what is inspiring you of late, and what plans does Felicity Lawless have for us all?

As always… nature, and the creation of the most beautiful melodies I can find, love and the intention of bringing more peace and joy with every note played. I am about to release a single with MsEleneous from our forthcoming album. The single is Hold Me.

I have just released and album with Black Rabbit George called “Symbiosis”. The first single “Zarma” is available on spotify and the full CD is available at shows. I absolutely adore this album or pure and beautiful guitar music… and am excited to see what happens in the studio with MsEleneous.

As far as plans? Well transcendence and joy for all of course!!


October 2: Caloundra Music Festival

October 21: HOTA Gold Coast with Black Rabbit George

December 4: Byron Theatre with Black Rabbit George

And support show with the Dreams show at Miami Marketta and Eaton’s Hill


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