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Mardi Wilson “PART TIME LOVER”

Mardi Wilson “PART TIME LOVER”

“I feel most alive when I’m soaked in the smell of campfire, with salty hair and sand between my toes.”

By Ian Browne Shamrock News

Heading into a pub in a town whose nocturnal entertainment rarely heralds good indie music, my brain lit up in all the right places to the sound of creative folk, driven by a fascinating voice. Enjoying Mardi Wilson’s music live and thankful of a nice long chat when she completed her set, I walked away happily with her colourful three-track - ‘Don’t Stop’ - and with anticipation of her brand new single release - followed by the album it will live within.

Really, live music and the chance to listen to new music, hadn’t occurred to me that night within the cruel grip of Covid’s abandonment of the arts. Listening to Mardi’s CD 'DON'T STOP', I really found that the song ‘Astronaut’ should have been a ‘shoe in’ for a Triple J release, while Mardi described how she has gained even more attention with the other two songs from the three-track: Don’t Stop & Landslide.

While in the ‘now’ Mardi’s new single ‘Part Time Lover’ comes from a place in her life where relationships can become somewhat treacherous. You can hear the song for yourself below. Mardi rang me the day after its release, rejoicing in the enthusiastic industry and public reaction to Part Time Lover.

Here’s what Mardi has to say about her place in music

What drives you, what is important to Mardi Wilson?

My music is usually really emotionally driven. I find that I'm most motivated and passionate when there's some strong emotion behind what I'm writing about. For me this really helps to keep the momentum going in the writing process too.

In terms of life though, I would say I’m driven by curiosity and thinking deeply about big questions… But in saying that, the people in my life are always driving me to be better and they are without a doubt what is most important to me.

How do you describe your style?

I would describe my music as alternative folk though I'm influenced by so many genres. I think you can hear singer/songwriter vibes as well as folk, and indie rock influences.

Thanks for the pic Triple J Unearthed

Shaping your sound?

Some of my biggest musical influences are Kim Churchill, Paul Kelly, Alex The Astronaut, Dodie, John Butler and the Pierce Brothers.

How does ‘home’ influence your creativity in music?

I was raised in Brisbane, but my parents would take my brother and I on adventures whenever they could. I remember these times vividly and I feel that these experiences definitely continue to influence my song writing. They made me so appreciative of nature and the pure joy that being outdoors can bring. I feel most alive when I’m soaked in the smell of campfire, with salty hair and sand between my toes. It’s so important for me to immerse myself in the outdoors still, it’s where I feel most creative and most in touch with who I am.

Do you have a favourite venue to play live, and why is it such a grand hunting ground?

I don’t really have a favorite venue, I’ve had a few performances that have stood out but all at different venues. Some of these performances were at venues known for their live music like Miami Marketta, Solbar and The Triffid but others have been at venues like Smokey Dan’s in Tomakin and Red Earth Brewery in Cudgen (which are more well known for their amazing food and drink). I appreciate every venue that puts on live music and it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite... All I can say is that some days there just seems to be this incredible energy in the room and everyone can feel it. I could have played at a venue dozens of times and then one day for some reason it’s just going off; often even bar staff (who have heard me countless times) will comment afterwards that there was some kind of special vibe. Those are the most special days and the performances that I live for.

…then some guy says “take him out of his clothes”…Your song ‘Don’t Stop’ is very powerful.

Where does this come from?

I wrote don’t stop after being in a few too many situations (at parties on nights out etc) where I witnessed things getting a little out of hand. The song itself tells the story of ‘that one mate’ who always wants to get loose and has a habit of taking things a step too far. I didn’t write it with a particular person in mind, but this idea of having an out of control friend is what inspired the song. On a deeper level this track alludes to the constant search for the next best thing, whether this is internally or in our day to day lives.

Shamrock: I was going to include the colorful CD cover for… "Don’t Stop” …. but instead it features here with the song

Of your songs, which is most treasured? What is so special about this tune?

My favorite song (which will be on the album) is called “Get Lost”. It’s about filling your life with the people and things that bring you genuine happiness. I wrote the song when I started to realize who and what those things were for me then made a conscious effort to surround myself with all of those things. I think that it’s different for everyone, what makes your heart feel full, and I like to think when people hear this song it might inspire them to “get lost” and find out what brings them real joy.

When is your album due out?

This year has been a bit of a wild ride and the release date of the album has changed many times. But at this stage early 2021 is the plan!

Mardi’s brand new release


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