“My stage name is Lily Ellen”

“My stage name is Lily Ellen”

By Ian Browne Shamrock News

Thriving within a life along the colourful Cassowary Coast region of tropical Far North Queensland, Lily Ellen is most happy when there’s a guitar strapped along her shoulder, a tune lifting from her lips, and smile in the audience from friends and family.

“My music taste is very broad, and I have a lot of love for many artists.”

My stage name is Lily Ellen which is a combination of my first and middle name. I stuck with this because it has a kind of flow to it unlike my full name which doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

It’s where my heart is…

I really love living in the middle of all the most popular swimming and tourist destinations and being surrounded by such a vast environment. I am really passionate about nature and wildlife, and though I’m definitely no professional, I love photography and capturing moments - as having great photos has always been important to me.

Moving away is definitely a part of the future for me, but I don’t see myself going anytime soon. For now, I’m staying put with the occasional venture to Cairns.

“Especially my guitar!”

I’ve never been a big fan of using backing tracks when I perform as I prefer a more authentic sound, and playing an instrument, especially guitar, has always interested me. I’ve always enjoyed singing. I started singing lessons through the local PCYC at 12 and they continued for a couple of years. I then started playing guitar at 15 with a local guitar teacher.


My music taste is very broad, and I have a lot of love for many artists. Personal favourites of mine from earlier times would definitely have to be Billy Joel, Carole King, Billie Holiday, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Sinatra, ABBA and The Zombies (I could go on all day).

Artists I love more so nowadays range from Julia Jacklin, Gang of Youths, Loyle Carner, Jade Bird, Florence & The Machine and Ocean Alley

Lily described how she would be happy performing live with most artists, especially within reputable live venues. However, the thought of playing at music festivals really excites this young woman.

There are many artists I’d love to perform with. It would really be a pleasure to perform with any artist, but I’ve always wished to play with artists such as Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles - but I think I’m a bit too late!

Some venues I’ve played live include the Feast of the Senses, Jam in the Jah, the Babinda Harvest Festival and at an art exhibition at the Ranks in Cairns. My first ‘big’ gig was at the Jam in the Jah back in 2015 - when I was in a band that was formed through the PCYC. My first as a solo artist was at the Feast of the Senses. I’ve played many gigs at venues such as the Queens Hotel in Innisfail, and before its closure, the Imperial Tavern.

Initially I am nervous of course and performing live can always be different depending on the audience. When I play for an audience that enjoys the music and I can tell that they are, it’s always such a good feeling, and this really motivates me to continue what I do. My family is my biggest support system. I can always expect there to be family at my gigs - be it immediate family - to aunts, uncles and even further.

Music is one of the most important things in my life, and I, without a doubt, would love to pursue a career as a musician - but for now it’s more of a side gig while I sort myself out - now that I’ve graduated from high school.

Stay tuned…..


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