‘adore’ the Voice that is Brittany Leo

‘adore’ the Voice that is Brittany Leo

By Ian Browne www.shamrocknewsmusic.com

My intro - followed by Brittany Leo’s ‘adore’ press release - then my interview with Brittany

Bewitching a gorgeous smile and powerful voice, how could anyone not be seduced. I have followed and shared Brittany’s journey through music for the past three years. With a confidence that could outwit a pride of lions, this lady from the great southern metropolis of creativity has a voice and swagger eager to match those that have ridden the glittering light of fame for a far greater time.

Many have listened to Brittany’s voice during her radio shows. Hosting a weekly show ‘PlayON’ for 3SER 97.7FM in Victoria, she featured Australian talent, while reaching ears as an on-air announcer for JOY 94.9. She then found a home within Promotions at Southern Cross Austereo for Hit FM Gippsland. Brittany was also the Music Director for Channel 31’s TV Music Program ‘1700’- which she also hosted. But if you haven’t heard this lady’s soulful, sassy salute to the various genres of Pop, then I hope you find time to listen in on her new work ‘adore’….

‘adore’ Brittany Leo

Combining her love of singing and her passion for DJ’ing, Brittany has continued to grow as a performer and has recently taken part in Your Shot; a national DJ competition. ‘DJ’ing is such a love of mine and my passion for it has grown dramatically over the last six to nine months and the Your Shot DJ Competition definitely contributed to that. I find all the songs I release now have a musical element that allows me to play the tracks in my sets, whether it’s a fun and upbeat track like ‘Need It’ or the vocal melody and bass of ‘adore’ they both seamlessly fit into the gigs I do as a DJ.’

Following on from her debut EP ‘Undefeated’ and single ‘Need It’ Brittany Leo returns with her new single ‘adore’. Brittany wrote ‘adore’ with Dylan Burrowes and Jeremy Drakeford from Spectrum Sound who also co-wrote her previous single, ‘Need It’. Speaking about the process, Brittany said ‘These guys are complete legends and never settle for anything less than perfect. We sat down, and I told them the concept of what I wanted ‘adore’ to sound like and the story behind the track. We then spent the day going back and forth spitting out lyrics, beats, etc. until our brains stopped working and then we came back the next day and smashed out the rest.

Brittany explains the essence and themes of ‘adore’ she is trying to get across, ‘To me ‘adore’ is a song that everyone has experienced at least once in their life; a twisted love story. It talks about the fascination, attraction you feel towards another, but you aren’t exactly sure what they are feeling towards you, they are giving you mixed signals. It can be a fun experience, but also a bit exhausting not knowing where you stand.’

‘Released in March 2017, ‘Need It’ was my fun, twenty-one-year-old song of expression; it also helped me launch into my DJ’ing as it’s a great track to play in my sets. ‘adore’, has a serious feel, a more mature vibe. ‘adore’ was written six months later and explains exactly where I was in my life at that time. I was newly single after a long-term relationship and I had no idea what I was doing, but I was having fun learning.’‘

Right now, I am loving music and the direction my career is taking as an artist. I am enjoying the tracks I am releasing and the gigs I am doing.'

Link to new single 'adore'



Even better, try Britt's website: www.brittanyleo.com

………My interview with Brittany Leo:

Brittany Leo: I was born in Melbourne and have always lived here. Britney Spears was my favourite singer/performer while growing up. My sound is described as Pop/Rock with electronic influences. I started singing mainly rock songs as I have always had a very powerful voice and they were the songs that suited my voice. As I have matured and learnt more about my voice, my sound has changed and developed. I listen to, and perform, a wide variety of songs now.

As a DJ I have also found a love of dance music and that has really influenced my sound. There are two songs that really mean a lot to me and stand out. The first is Starting Over. It is a very personal song and I feel that it can resinate with others as it relates to many experiences that we go through in life. The other one is my single Need It. ‘Need It’ is a fun, sassy song that I feel showcases where I am now in my life. I am in my twenties, working in radio, still developing my music and enjoying life.

….Brittany has a deep respect for her mother as she influenced her music by always supporting and believing in her talented daughter. Brittany described how by concentrating on life’s journey and not worrying about what others are/are not doing, provides its bounty.

Brittany: I love radio and media. I have recently completed my studies and have been very fortunate to have gained full time employment in the industry. I am also very passionate about health and fitness, so when I am not working or performing, I take Pilates classes, dance classes and enjoy learning about nutrition etc. I have never been a person who focuses on one thing. There are so many things that I enjoy doing and I like to keep busy.

I love performing and creating new music and I hope to continue doing that while I explore all of my interests.

Cheers, Britt 😊 www.brittanyleo.com


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