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The Voice of Brittany Leo

The Voice of Brittany Leo

By Ian Browne Shamrock News

Bewitching a smile and powerful voice, how could anyone not be seduced. I have followed and shared Brittany’s journey through music for the past two years. Drop-dead-gorgeous with a confidence that could outwit a pride of lions, this lady from the great southern metropolis of creativity has a voice and swagger eager to match those that have ridden the glittering light of fame for a far greater time.

Many have listened to Brittany’s voice during her radio shows. Hosting her weekly show ‘PlayON’ for 3SER 97.7FM in Victoria, where she featured Australian talent, and while reaching ears as an on-air announcer for JOY 94.9, she then found a home within Promotions at Southern Cross Austereo for Hit FM Gippsland. Brittany was also the Music Director for Channel 31’s TV Music Program ‘1700’- which she also hosted. But if you haven’t heard this lady’s soulful, sassy salute to the various genres of Pop, then I hope my chat with this talented young lady may entice you to indulge.

Where were you born and bred?

I was born in Melbourne and have always lived here.

As a young girl, who was your favourite singer or performer?

Britney Spears was my favourite singer/performer growing up.

Describe your sound. How has this changed, or grown, over time?

My sound is described as Pop/Rock with electronic influences. I started singing mainly rock songs as I have always had a very powerful voice and they were the songs that suited my voice. As I have matured and learnt more about my voice, my sound has changed and developed. I listen to, and perform a wide variety of songs now. As a DJ I have also found a love of dance music and that has really influenced my sound.

Of all the songs you have written, which one would you like people to listen to most, and why?

There are two songs that really mean a lot to me and stand out. The first is Starting Over. It is a very personal song and I feel that it can resinate with others as it relates to many experiences that we go through in life. The other one is my latest single Need It. ‘Need It’ is a fun, sassy song that I feel showcases where I am now in my life. I am in my twenties, working in radio, still developing my music and enjoying life.

Whose music has influenced you most? How/why do they inspire you?

Many artists have influenced me in different ways. I listen to a wide variety of genres and love to see artists perform live as much as possible.

Who do you respect most in life and how do they influence your music?

I respect my mum the most in life and she has influenced my music by always supporting me and believing in me.

Other than music, where else does your passion take you to?

I love radio and media. I have recently completed my studies and have been very fortunate to have gained full time employment in the industry. I am also very passionate about health and fitness, so when I am not working or performing, I take Pilates classes, dance classes and enjoy learning about nutrition etc.

Who have you played live with and where have your live performances taken place? Is there a favourite venue?

I have had many opportunities to perform with other artists and at great venues over the years and have enjoyed them all.

You are currently recording & writing new songs. What does your new music entail, and where will this take you?

I have almost finished a new single. This song is slightly different from what I have done before. I am working with the same people I worked with on my latest single, Need It. Hopefully, like Need It, it will be received well and get a lot of airplay and interest.

Is there someone special by whom you hope your voice could be heard? Who would you like to tour with and where?

I am just really happy to have my music heard and enjoyed.

In terms of hard work and success, what advice can you share to allow others to avoid hurdles, and to ‘take the bull by the horns’?

Hurdles are going to happen and you learn as you go. Concentrate on your journey and don’t worry about what others are/are not doing.

Where are you headed to, what is the ‘Brittany Leo’ dream?

I have never been a person who focuses on one thing. There are so many things that I enjoy doing and I like to keep busy. I love performing and creating new music and I hope to continue doing that while I explore all of my interests.

Cheers, Britt 😊


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