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JADA- JAZZ Against Domestic Abuse 'THUMPER' STYLE!

Craig THUMPER Samuel’s music career started at a very young age, experimenting with new and different sounds, strings, pianos. Now he plays all of the instruments, sings, writes, records, and produces all his own songs in many different styles.

Thumper, the one man band from Omaha Nebraska, has been on the music seen for several years and has a very high following worldwide. He's a Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Model, Composer, Producer, and much more. He has developed his own website, where you can see and hear more from this talented man. He has an independent record label Thumpin' Hard Records, Inc. 2 recording studios, and United 4 Love Entertainment, his own entertainment company, and JADA, his new non-profit organization for victims of Domestic Abuse. This monster musical genius blends Rock, Gospel, Funk, Jazz, Pop, R&B, and many other styles together and adds a little spice of his own to produce his sound.... the O-ZONE sound.

There are many Recording artist that have influenced Thumper. Prince, Janet Jackson, Richard Marx, and Michael Jackson, as well as artists and bands from many other music genres. He has exchanged music notes with such national recording artists as Prince, The Time, Keith Sweat, The System, The Bar-Kays, and many smooth jazz artists like Steve Oliver, Steve Cole, Peter White, and many more. His 9th and brand new CD “Thumpology 101” has just been released and is already being called “His best work to date” by music critics, entertainment and industry figures, friends and fans alike. Other CD’s such as “The Best of VII”, “Love….4 2morrow is not Promised”, and “ONE” consist of a verity of music styles and a mix of smooth jazz cover versions of great songs and his original songs and compositions. His 8th CD “The Best of VII” is a compilation of his original tumes from his first 7 CD’s all chosen thru a survey from his fans all over the world then narrowed down to the final 24 tracks. His other CD’s “We R a Nation” "Six Education", "Learn to Love" "Hands and Feet" and “Skin & Bones” round out his solo music catalog. Other Thumpin' Hard Merchandise such as posters, pictures, and single songs can be purchased there too. His single "In This Love 2gether" can be purchased @ along with the digital download of his latest CD "Thumpology 101".

His popularity and CD sales over seas are still growing thanks to Thumper also opens his talents to other up and coming recording artists and his students as well.

Thumper’s music is being played all over the world. With fans in every country CD sales are steadily increasing. His CD "ONE" featuring the song "4 U Mom" and "Smile" which peaked at #9 on Reverbnation’s National jazz charts where he has broken the top 100 five times, the top 50 twice on the Global jazz charts at #49 and #15, and hit #1, 12 times on the Local Jazz charts in his hometown of Omaha Nebraska. Other tracks such as "Dreamer", "In the Zone", and "When I Think of You" can be heard on his website at, or 96.9 The Oasis, and many other airwave and internet radio stations. His smooth jazz version of the hit song "My My My" from "ONE" was released on two world wide compilation CD’s from the record label W.O.A International called "Independent number ones Vol 2" and Vol 3. Music from "ONE" has been picked up by several international airlines for their in-flight entertainment and in-flight radio service as well as new music as it is released. With his smooth jazz cover version of "When I think of You" and his original track"Turn Down the Lights" "ONE" is continuing to do well.

Thumper is gaining the attention of other top rated internet radio stations around the world. He was selected to be apart of Vol #3 of the "Independent number ones from the same label. His 5th CD "We R a Nation" is still doing well all over the world. That CD received 8 out of 10 stars in 9 categories from TAXI (One of the industry's top music review agencies). As new music CD’s continue to pour out of this mans heart, mind, and soul, his popularity continues to grow and expand across the globe. Thumper has decided to add two cover tunes to each new CD that he produces. As a way to pay homage to some of his great musical inspirations and influences, he dedicates tracks to them. He is also working on a few other projects such as his 10th and 11th CD’s “On Top Of The Covers” which will be a collection of all his cover versions of popular music greats set for his last 2017 release and “MAD MAC” (Make A Difference, Make A Change) set for release in 2018. And his 2017 / 2018 JADA tour. (see below)

Thumper is still the subject of, and performed on many different TV, and both internet and airwave radio shows. He has also been in several magazine and newspapers with interviews, articles and write ups. He was featured in an edition of In Concert Magazine as well as several other magazines and online blogs and social media sites all over the world. This one online magazine reaches about 60 to 80 thousand members, and many others who’s listener base reaches just as many or more in countries around the world.

Thumper is well known for giving back to his community, and now he wants to give back to the world. This is one of his favorite things to do. He has developed and created J.A.D.A, (JAZZ AGAINST DOMESTIC ABUSE). JADA, is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to promote and raise awareness to domestic abuse and to help victims escape this epidemic and get out of these situations through his music. He is currently putting together a world tour for this cause because this is a worldwide problem. He is seeking sponsorship and investors to help bring this remarkable idea to life. Portions of monies made in each city will go to abuse agencies, shelters and education towards eliminating this problem in that city. He feels that this epidemic is just as big (if not bigger) that cancer, or AIDS or any other life crippling disease, but doesn’t get the attention. So he is making this one of his goals to see that this cause gets the attention it deserves. He is the only one man band, and one of the best in Omaha and his name, merchandise, and Logo’s are known all over the world.

Thumper has been blessed to be a part of such great smooth jazz events like Six Flags Live and Local in Chicago and St. Louis where he has played several times, The Catalina Island jazz festivals, the Newport Beach Jazzfests and many more. He has performed all over the US, some parts of Mexico, Jamaca, and Canada in a band and as a solo artist with Generation One, and plans to tour worldwide. His website has gained worldwide attention. From his 1st CD "Skin & Bones" through his latest "Thumpology 101", Thumper's Signature sound: the O-ZONE sound, has proven popular.

Would you like to know more about Thumper & Generation One ?, Would you like a pound of the O-Zone sound ? Please visit or send an e-mail to


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