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DEREK TURNER - A journey through Metal to spinning disks

Derek Turner Musician / DJ / Producer

A journey through Metal to spinning disks

Derek Turner is the owner / operator of Quarterpipe Records & the Quarterpipe Studio, based in southern Sydney.

Derek and I became pals in the early 90's when he became a good friend to the Cronulla-Caringbah scene. He had a creative mind, awesome sense of humour; and a gentle energy that charmed us all. And yes, he was a wicked guitarist.

Derek began his musical journey as a lead guitarist who's drive & ability allowed him to record & tour with various acts such as Eulogy, Primordial, Throwdown S.C.H.C., & Diva City Rhythm. In recent years, Derek has embraced current music styles and modern technology with a passion, and has found himself in constant demand as a producer, working closely with likes of Rachael Woodlands, Professor Malakai, & Elyse McLennan, and releasing his own tracks & remixes in between studio bookings. A natural gravitation to DJ'ing has seen Derek regularly booked at various venues around Sydney handling a variety of styles and energy levels with ease and contagious enthusiasm. Fitting for such a humble and generous spirit.

From BMX to Heavy Metal In his youth, Derek was an enthusiastic BMX Freestyle rider. In the late 80's the meeting place for Sydney's tribe of budding extreme sports stars was the Five Dock Skate Bowl. It was there that Derek was first exposed to the rebellious and aggressive sounds of Thrash Metal (Metallica, Slayer etc.) - which were the perfect soundtrack for BMX action. Before too long Derek saved up & bought his first electric guitar, began learning riffs & jamming with mates, and venturing out to experience local heavy metal acts such as Slaughter Lord & Mortal Sin. Inevitably, garage jam sessions evolved into actual bands with live pub gigs, and eventually studio recordings & interstate tours. 1989 Cruelty (Thrash Metal) 1993- Eulogy (Death Metal / Grindcore) 1997 Primordial (Thrash) 2000 Throwdown (Thrash / Hardcore) Quarterpipe Records In 2004, the paradigm shift of mp3's, Napster & iTunes, suddenly made it possible to sell music to the entire world via the Internet, and so was launched. From his contacts in the heavy metal scene, Derek was able to compile a unique catalogue of rare underground recordings of Sydney bands from the 80-90's. In The Studio 2006 - Derek's focus moved from strictly metal & guitar playing to appreciating other styles of music, and, learning the dark art of Audio Engineering & Producing. The Quarterpipe Studio became a dedicated space in Derek's home, and he began taking commercial bookings. During this period Derek worked extensively with prominent NZ rapper Professor Malakai to complete his album "Entrepenuer". From 2009, Derek began creating DIY video clips, most notably for The Sand Dancers that were featured on Rage, Channel V, & Channel 9's Today Show. 2011 - DJ On January 23rd 2011 Derek Turner received a random hi-5 from EDM star Kaskade as he made his way to the booth at the Greenwood Hotel in Sydney. Derek took this as a sign to take the leap into DJ'ing. After only 2 weeks of practising at home, he ventured out for a nerve-wracked but successful audition and was booked for a paying gig a couple weeks later. Fast forward to today, Derek now has hundreds of DJ gigs under his belt, including several residencies & also 'originals only' performances in bars, pubs & clubs around Sydney. Today Derek finds himself to be in constant demand both as a DJ & a Producer, currently working with artists such as Rachael Woodlands, and Elyse McLennan.

In between bookings, Derek works on his own material, exploring the dissonance and mature grooves of House music. Free track : Risin' Up The Quarterpipe Studio is being constantly upgraded in the pursuit of excellence, and nowadays features a tasty collection of hardware synthesizers. All enquiries are welcome for audio mixing, mastering services - c/o Quarterpipe Records tracks can now be found on iTunes & Spotify etc. worldwide,


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