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The GETAWAY The Red Hot Chili Peppers


The Red Hot Chili Peppers

by Ian Browne Shamrock News

The coolest CD cover for 2016 just has to be ‘The Getaway’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. An album for everyone, the first two songs grab hold of you, preventing any escape from there on in. Known for their comically-eccentric punk-funk flair during the 80’s, they are more well-known now as (rock) metal funk. It’s here that this album thrives, pacified by melody and groove. However, as groovy and pleasant as Dark Necessities is, where fans of George Benson may also see themselves being seduced, their love of Post Punk UK shows as the song nears its finality. As too for the album from which it was born, Dark Necessities charted at very lofty levels from the get go. Songs such as Goodbye Angles and This Ticonderoga sees their roots in punk ‘alive and kicking’, yet never quite reaching the adrenaline-raged heights of Mother’s Milk’s Higher Ground.

A return to doing business with an old friend saw this album being produced by Danger Mouse and mixed by Nigel Godrich. This album is an interesting array of viewpoints and discussions around relationships. In May 9, 2016, Kiedis was interviewed on BBC Radio 2 about The Getaway, stating: “Lyrically many of the songs were influenced by a two-year relationship that fell apart like a nuclear bomb.” (The Getaway)

Australian born Flea slaps it up nicely on a few songs, Anthony Kiedis’s voice, flirting between the celebratory and the morose, as ever splendid. What a great front man! There are some very addictive moments with Josh Klinghoffer’s guitar. With sounds reminiscent of later years - The Beetles, and with Hendrix meets The Stooges, such rock royalty appears to excite throughout, where the atmosphere of their home ‘California’ is ever present.

A single built to appease the mainstream, Go Robot is a fun song with its 70’s computer disco antics and Saturday Night Fever inspired video clip. I think one of the showstoppers though is The Hunter: “Even though you’re crazy you’ll never be a bother. You’re my Old Man in the Sea”: it’s not the first time Kiedis has hinted at poor father figures in society. It’s a beautifully penned and musically-mastered song.

Known as the biggest selling alternative rock band of all time, the Chili Peppers's sound made a change during the album Mother’s Milk (1989), a sound that would in time see them chart at the highest levels around the world. With its punk roots, mixed with more flamboyant harmony and melody, a more ‘complex sound’ had now arrived, and this was said to be instigated by then guitarist John Frusciante (Mother's Milk). Reshuffling their lineup over the years due to band members struggling with drug addiction, the Chili Peppers have remained to this day a big player on the world stage, and we are more the richer for having them linger. Many former members have also returned to play once again with longstanding members Kiedis and Flea.

I listened to The Getaway twice on a flight between Mumbai to Singapore and knew I would being purchasing it. This album was my third favourite for 2016, yet one that is the most likely to be played for all occasions, and for many years to come. Very worthy….do!


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