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LOA-With her 'feet on the ground'


With her ‘Feet on the Ground’

By Ian Browne Shamrock News

And I’m glad they are, as I wouldn’t have met her in Lismore otherwise. It was a meeting of the mind and soul that we both agreed was beneficial to us both. In fact, LOA it might be, but that is her middle name. Tis Nicole Loa Walters: AKA Nikkie McJungles, and she hails from the steamy jungles of Papua New Guinea. An interesting lady, she has also spent part of her life in Hong Kong. Luckily for us, she calls our neck of the woods home now too.

If there was ever a sound that emulates a Northern Rivers summer, then LOA has snatched it from the heavens, marinated it in love; bottled it, and gave it cicada wings for us all to enjoy. Her EP- From the Ground’s opening track- There goes my heart: ah, one of my favourite genres: Loungie-Trip Hop! Perhaps Morcheeba meets Lamb? I loved it instantly! Peaceful and groovy, a cosy sound that ultimately buffers any stress well away from you as you drift away with LOA’s energy. Yet, it is followed by an even more chilled-out jazzy number Feet on the ground, with crystal clear percussion and chirpy guitar rhythm; it is great to find such a non-pretentious sound. On guitar is Bodhi Seed, with Hugh Jones on drums; Tom Kelly jiving away on da bass.

Got to be rock hard is more flamboyant and activated, it revels in SKA-Reggae ease and positivity...“Together we can do anything, because if we stand apart, there’s no room for peace!” Great advice, this song lifts with a subtle empowerment, leaving me to wonder if LOA went down Natalli Rize’s path, she might well be a future social connector in the region. Perhaps she already is, as LOA has ignited the stage at many festivals up and down the east coast, and over in New Zealand, including the Nimbin Mardi Grass, the Earth Frequency Festival, Melbourne’s Rainbow Serpent Festival, and both the Woodford Folk Festival and Dreaming Festival, to name but a few.

The final song on the 4-track-EP is vastly different from the other three. Power of love is somewhat more of a lament to the power play in society, and the need to ‘overthrow’ the fat politicians in our midst, with their craving for the ‘power’ that ultimately feeds their egos. It is a thoughtful and clever song. I am very pleased to have met LOA, and she has gifted me, as the summer has come early once again, and now my car and abode hum to the gentle and charismatic call of ‘her’, this charming jungle born LOA.


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