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Kaputt X Radio’s MARTIN JANSEN "I select the best satirical and comedic material from

“The idea of making funny, interesting radio with sometimes

artistic non-linear narratives in collage form was always on my mind.”

Kaputt X Radio’s MARTIN JANSEN

Kaputt X Radio and its precursors were developed and aired on community radio NimFm - on the website called since 2000.

Kaputt X Radio is the offspring of Kaputt Radio, which reached 193 episodes in English language, and approx 125 German language productions in 2011. Sadly, the commercial server went bankrupt, a failed, unlucky digital company experiment, and all those files were lost! Kaputt Radio was preceded by a program of 320 shows called "scan dot org". Unfortunately all those files were also lost with the collapse of the California-based server. The idea of making funny, interesting radio with sometimes artistic non-linear narratives in collage form was always on my mind. Regurgitating the miserable world events in an academic boring way was not my style. I swam against the mainstream media who thrive on conflict, sensation and fear. Instead, I used popular music samples, movie sound samples, and a wide variety of news and current affairs media to build sonic collages. It was a challenge to engage an audience on an intellectual level, and also on an emotional level with the instrumental sound samples used. My podcasts started in 2002 as a result of encouragement from like-minded radio people around the world. I have to give credit to some masters of this genre for their inspiration. Producing radio from a small Australian town with controversial reputation about drugs, left-leaning social issues, the environment and a generally rebellious attitude, propelled Kaputt Radio to an international audience- with replays on community radio stations in the US, Canada, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand and even Japan. The most intriguing email feedback came from Hans Island, a tiny Danish governed island in the Arctic Circle near the Canadian mainland coast. I literally broke the ice, ha ha... After a break of a whole year in 2014 due to illness, Kaputt Radio resumed with Nim Fm, but with a reduced workload and more of a focus on issues presented by local researchers, while being presented with more professionally trained speakers. My German accent didn't work very well.

There is a renewed focus on the threats posed to our environment and ourselves; as a war-mongering species. Again, I try to find ways to engage in the satirical and comedic reflection of our own fucked-up-ness when time and circumstances allow. Capitalism driven by a flawed finance system poses many questions, such as how we can go on into the future. Many folks around me have a cynical view. However, looking at the circumstances of our behavior and the forces governing us as a species, I cannot help to see myself as being part of a monstrous system of which we have only very limited choices to survive with. My hope is that others recognize the underlying cause of our suicidal behavior and re-start an intellectual debate of how to implement a sane system. So when you look at my recent podcast playlist of Kaputt X Radio, you will find many current issues presented, all being the effects of a central cause called: money as debt. From time to time I contribute some satirical piece, but celebrities and politicians are so dysfunctional, they are themselves often inadvertently producing a kind of mad comedy, one I can hardly beat. Producing a weekly radio program for a small community radio station is a lot of work. Therefore, I select the best satirical and comedic material from the internet that I can find for my local audience. It is a difficult task to please an audience you don't know, so forgive me if I make a mistake, or make a joke you don't approve of, but I take the risk because I still find a debate over a disagreement better than no debate at all. Wish me luck so that we can still laugh and avoid drifting into permanent short term memory loss with jitters of depression, or worse, dementia.

People can contact me via the webpages found under the search term Kaputt X Radio. Each show has a page with a contact button. Here is a link to our latest podcast. It relates to issues of war on the environment and ourselves: "The Making Of A Monster" written by Graham Ferguson, presented by Len Martin, produced by me- Martin Jansen.

It is "creative commons" licensed so you can freely use it.

length 20:25 min


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