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Hi there, I'm Ian Browne aka Shamrock. I grew up in Sydney surrounded by music and a deep love for nature. I was brought up to respect culture, and though I started out writing and presenting environmental and social activism for a radio show in Nimbin, in recent times I have concentrated more on promoting the Arts.

My brother and I were part of core group of about 20 teenagers in the Cronulla-Caringbah region with a love for punk & skatecore music, rugby league and the surf. With one of our crew drumming for popular punk & hardcore bands, we mixed it with Sydney's inner-city punk scene. In the years that followed our group would swell to over 100 young men and women, and we would become the biggest group in the 'Shire' region. My brother landed us a fitting title DP's (don't ask!) we were a party group with a love for indie music, being connected to other groups around our area, and other parts of Sydney. My DP name is Ernest Theodore Shamrock. In the early 90's we had at least 10 indie bands within the DP family, playing Sydney's pubs and backyards, where bands like Succotash and Throwdown would go on to play with the biggest bands in Oz, and alongside popular international acts.

Though 'movers-n-shakers', my brother and I craved a world where we were unknown. I found the Shire lacked the Bohemia I desired. I travelled the UK and Europe, then we both moved around Oz. Darwin would adopt us and saw us both working with Indigenous groups from around northern Australia, using our social and streetwise adaptations to teach and support students in education. I have an environmental science & media studies background and have travelled Asia writing stories related to the impacts of development on ecosystems, wildlife and cultural groups. Though these Ebooks have been modest in public reception, my stories have influenced Western TV productions on Asia, and my stand-alone articles have reached thousands.

My favourite music is Goth-Darkwave & Trip Hop-Reggae Dub, I also love Modern Middle Eastern & Indian fusion. My early influences were The Dead Kennedys, GBH, Radio Birdman, The Stupids, Suicidal Tendencies, The Pixies, The Cure & Siouxsie and the Banshees.

TODAY: I want to share with you talented musicians, DJs, artists, authors and cultural events, some well known, some still reaching for the sky. I hope Shamrock News can help them grow. Cheers, Shamrock.

My free ebooks on the Asia Pacific:


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