Sonja Röhrig - I think the way I teach is something unique!

By Ian Browne Shamrock News

From a sad beginning, this young guitar teacher found music as a way t...


Reviewed by Ian Browne Shamrock News

If you’re just not streetwise, perhaps you wished you could have lived a life less ordinary; have done what w...

further down the line… another love letter to the world from Scott Cook

By Ian Browne Shamrock News

I met this man from Edmonton, Alberta; a self-confessed Wo...

January 1, 2018

                 A QUIET REVOLUTION

                          Andrea Kirwin...

Hi there, I'm Ian Browne -aka- Shamrock. I grew up in Sydney surrounded by music and a deep love for nature. I was brought up to respect culture, and though...

Elyse McLennan

The world awaits this 20-year-old singer-songwriter!

"I would love to perform with Taylor Swift on stage in a stadium."

By Ian Browne Shamrock...

My pick for the ‘Sound of Summer’

Caravana Sun’s ‘Guerrilla Club’

By Ian Browne Shamrock News

Well, last year my pick for the ‘sound of summer’ was Papuan bor...

Slam Dance Corroboree 2

RUST: Shit kickers from Sydney at home in the UK punk scene

BY Ian Browne Shamrock News 2017

“The Rebellion festival in Blackpool is th...

January 19, 2017

In a restless house

with City Calm Down

By Ian Browne Shamrock News

As for 2016, well my favourite albums were the newbies for The Jezabels, Robot Koch, The R...

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Shamrock News Human dignity with a trickle of giggle 

As a writer, I love to share the lives of interesting people. I have a background in Indigenous education, journalism and environmental science. I have travelled widely and I am a sponge for knowledge and intruige. Please check out my welcome blog-profile in the older posts.


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